Did you know that you can get credit without credit? We made sure to provide you with a loan service even though you do not have credit. We are aware of difficult times and situations that can sometimes be urgent. Making money in these situations can be more than difficult. No matter your credit and history, you can always get a loan with us. It is important that you fill out our credit application form with the correct information. All together takes less than 2 minutes, and if the application form is OK, we can approve and pay off your credit to your checking account within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation.

The difficult financial situation in the country has forced many citizens into the negative and turned them into insolvent, which means that any attempt to claim money from the bank will be rejected. We do not refuse our clients but give them the opportunity to recover financially as soon as possible.

Which means no credit


We do not have the same credit approval conditions as you have with a bank. Our clients do not have to be on an indefinite contract, they do not have to have a clean credit history, a plus account or a reliable employer in order to be granted credit. See our Quick Loans page for all the credit and eligibility requirements.

Get credit without credit through your pc, tablet or cell phone

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Our business is conducted exclusively by electronic means, which is also the safest business. Complete your loan application form online easily from any device in minutes. What does that mean? You can apply for the credit wherever you are, at no extra cost, paperwork or a notary. Online business has shortened the waiting time and loan approval as well as your time. With us you do not have to stand in a row and crowd at the counter, not knowing whether you will be granted a loan or not.

With no credit, you will solve your problems as soon as possible. We are not like a bank where checks and approval processes take several weeks. All our services are discreet and professional, which is recognized by a large number of satisfied users in the EU and worldwide. With credit without credit, you can raise loans and short-term loans with a fixed repayment period with us. A quick payday loan is our immediate service to help clients show how easy and fast we are.

Why credit without credit with us?

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Ferratum offers services in 23 countries across Europe and the world. Ferratum bank offers fast, easy-to-use and discreet loans to its clients, accessible through any device (PC, tablet, smartphone), and the payment of the loan is possible within minutes after application. We are professional and reliable in our work, we have helped many, we can help you!