Image result for work at homeOnline jobs are already among us, and who else, who less, has a certain relationship with professionals who work in networks. Be it because your company has posts of style, because you have contracted services with an agent that has been launched on the Internet (agencies, lawyers, insurance agents, etc.) or even because you have an acquaintance who earns beans in front of the keyboard . Now, if there is one characteristic that serves as the backbone for all these new professions, it is big data; as more and more everything is based on the employment at the macro level of information. In fact, the financial sector, the origin of many of these data, is the ideal example.

All financial institutions are immersed in a process of digitalization that has not only remained on the World Wide Web, but has also made the leap to mobile platforms, gadgets that are slowly coming to the market and even points so rare for these things as smart TVs. Their clients increasingly use this type of media, thus avoiding the archaic neighborhood office model that we have all lived and giving once and for all the definitive leap to the virtual. And since we are also increasing the volume of information that is recorded in the servers of banks, financial or the Bank of Spain itself.


What is all this information used for? Who manages it? What does it offer us?

The real-time movement of financial data allows experts in big data (one of the most promising professions in the digital field) to draw conclusions about the interests of users, thus being able to offer tailor-made services and optimize all the stages included in it. the financial processes. The magic of fintech! Millions of records are centralized, analytics demonstrate what the trends are, crowdlending platforms such as MytripleA obtain first-hand information to guarantee profitability for investors and better conditions for those financed, credit control is refined and democratized, and In general, everything starts to work as if it were a perfectly oiled machine.


Professionals in big data: the future is here

The big companies in the financial sector are already employing analysts who interpret the huge amount obtained from the medium by automated systems, so the first steps in the world of work for those who have decided to specialize in big data are already becoming reality. And the interesting thing is that this trend has no reverse.

We expect a technified world to unsuspected limits, where the barrier between reality and virtual will go far beyond what we could have expected just a few years ago; an environment interconnected by Internet nodes that will result in the complete virtualization of SMEs, microenterprises and large companies. The crowdlending is already taking positions and puts itself at the head of a technological revolution. Are you ready for the trip?