Madí’s wife justified the irregular income for counseling work

The wife of former communication secretary of CiU David Madí, Sandra BG, justified to Customs Surveillance allegedly irregular income, worth 91,910 euros, which he received from the television producer Oriol Carbó as fees for his legal advice work.

A report from the Tax Agency commissioned by the judge of the ITV case has concluded that Madí’s wife received, between 2009 and 2008, irregular income from Carbó, who allegedly also made unjustified payments of 105,560 euros to Anna Vidal, the wife of the ex-deputy of CiU Oriol Pujol.

Sandra BG appeared voluntarily last October before Customs Surveillance agents, who had previously quoted her, before whom she justified the payments as her “fees agreed on the basis of the dedication and complexity” of her advisory work, as recorded in the transcript of his interrogation, to which Efe has had access.

The wife of David Madí -who was communication secretary of CiU between 2003 and 2010- acknowledged to the agents that she knew Anna Vidal, because her husbands were friends, and claimed that she collected more than one invoice from Carbó, for assignments always related to the scope of advice.

According to Sandra BG, she was Carbó’s lawyer and took him mainly “personal and patrimonial issues”, as she advised him on “multiple issues”, including real estate investments.

After a few weeks of this first voluntary appearance, the Customs Surveillance agents again cited the woman from Madí, now as an accused, although this time she was accompanied by a lawyer and refused to testify.

Customs Surveillance also cited as imputed to Oriol Carbó himself – who was manager of Catalunya Ràdio and of Televisió de Catalunya until the year 2000 – and to Anna Vidal, although both also refused to declare.

Treasury considers that the wife of the ex-manager of CiU David Madí, one of the main advisors of Artur Mas in his time in the party, received these charges by “fictitious billing” for advisory work, following an identical scheme of the employee by businessman Sergi Alsina – intimate friend of Oriol Pujol – to give back to Anna Vidal for supposed fictitious works.

The judge of the ITV case suspects that Oriol Pujol charged illegal commissions, through his wife, in exchange for voting in favor of Alsina’s interests in the Industrial Security Law that the Parlament processed in 2008, when the former president’s son of the Generalitat Jordi Pujol led the convergent parliamentary group, in the opposition.

For this reason, the magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) Enric Anglada, who was investigating the accused Oriol Pujol before he resigned last year as deputy, requested a report to the Tax Agency on the patrimony of the marriage between 2007 and 2010, to discover if they perceived “irregular income unrelated to their activity”.

In the report, which Efe has had access to, Hacienda details that Oriol Pujol moved a portfolio of securities with an annual aggregate -which includes the sum of all the financial operations of the course- that reached 3.8 million euros in 2009, mostly public debt.

According to this report, which clarifies that in several of the values ‚Äč‚ÄčOriol Pujol had a 50% stake, in 2007 the ex-deputy of CiU moved 23,000 euros in its portfolio of securities, in 2008 they were 731,137 euros and in 2010, 3 millions of euros.

These financial movements are described in the annexes of a report by the Tax Agency that concludes that Oriol Pujol and Anna Vidal were able to “launder” the money coming from the commissions by investing in public debt, as well as in housing vehicles and family expenses.

The Treasury also maintains in that report that the couple invested black money from these commissions in the purchase of a house in Urús (Girona) from the company Teyco, from the businessman Jordi Sumarroca, very close to the Pujol.

According to the data of the Treasury, that house was bought by Anna Vidal in 2008 from the company Máxima Grupo Inmobiliario, but months later Oriol Pujol’s wife decided the private purchase-sale contract, in exchange for an indemnity of 142,500 euros.

After this contract of sale, Máxima SL -society owned by Sergi Alsina, close friend of Oriol Pujol also charged for bribery in the case of ITV- sold the house to Teyco for 1.1 million.

Later, Teyco sold the house again to the Pujol-Vidal couple for one million euros.

The Treasury report specifies the payments that Anna Vidal made to Teyco between the years 2008 and 2010, which together total one million euros.