Opening an online account is the strategy to save money and time


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On World Savings Day, some specialized portals have analyzed the behavior of Spanish savers . This is the case of, whose study reveals the practices that consumers use to avoid paying more. These tricks expand both when making purchases and in other areas of life. One of the most frequent strategies is to buy products online , something that has also expanded to the banking sector, but how much can we really save by opening an online account ?

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The best offers and discounts are reserved for this type of accounts

In the same way that fashion stores, perfumery or other products, banks reserve the best offers to consumers who choose to open an account online.

On the one hand, these products tend to be accounts without commissions . On the other hand, when searching for the best online accounts online it is much easier to discover and access interesting offers and gifts.

In this table we highlight the best promotions of the moment. In addition, to see many more alternatives, it is always possible to consult the monthly ranking of accounts with discounts.

ING Payroll Account

3% refund at Galp and Shell gas stations

  • No maintenance fees or transfers
  • Without permanence
  • Up to 25% discount on 16 brands with Shopping Naranja
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Bankinter Payroll Account

5% APR for one year and 2% during the second

  • No maintenance fees or transfers
  • Without permanence
  • Free accident insurance
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Open Payroll Account

Gift of 100 for domiciling the payroll with the code NOMINA7

  • No maintenance fees or transfers
  • Discounts on purchases of Discounts Plan OK
  • Return of 1% of the receipts
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Saving time, one of the most valued points of these products

Image result for online accountTo the benefits of offers, gifts and the absence of the most frequent banking commissions , the fact of opening an online account remotely is added the time saving , one of the points most valued by users.

And it is that hiring an account through the Internet can save us commuting, queuing and repeated trips to the office if we have forgotten any document. In addition, everything improves if the account we are going to hire offers the service of immediate contracting , thanks to which it is possible to do the procedure 100% online, without having to wait for a messenger to bring us the contract.

This service that little by little have incorporated some entities in the last year, such as the BBVA Online Account or the Current Account of imaginBank, has meant a revolution in the sector.

But what should I keep in mind before opening an online account?

When opening an online account, as always, it is important to keep in mind some points.

  1. You have to find out what kind of account we are looking for: savings account , account without payroll or requirements … Each product has some peculiarities that may be essential to make a decision.
  2. Compare accounts of various entities and discover what offers are in the market. In this article you will find the benefits and gifts for domicile the payroll that is possible to obtain at this moment.
  3. Assess if we really want to hire a product with a striking promotion but that requires permanence or the hiring of additional products.

If we look for a product with specific conditions that go beyond what banks offer generically, we must rethink if we want to open an online account. Sometimes, if we have a good client profile, it is possible to access better conditions if we visit a traditional bank office and negotiate.