Berger Bank, although primarily associated with mobile telephony, does not target its services only to Berger customers. It offers loans, deposits, bills and cards, and on very attractive terms. The possibility of using the mobile application additionally facilitates the process of using banking services. One of the products advertised is also a consolidation loan. Available to all indebted people who want to convert their monthly installments into one convenient and lower than previously paid. The main advantages of using Berger Bank services when combining their existing liabilities is the speed of the procedure for granting a consolidation loan. Thanks to widely available products as well as great ease in the application process, the bank has gained a lot of positive opinions.

We could accept your
application where others have not: No Credit Check, Online Payday Loans

payday loan consolidation

The consolidation of our obligations is to somehow close the previously regulated debt and to sign a new financial liability. Thanks to the fact that the entire process takes place in one bank, we are obliged to return only one installment every month. Each customer can choose any repayment date (at the beginning or end of the month), and the amount of the new installment is lower than that paid so far.

The main features of the consolidation loan at Berger Bank

  • the liability may not exceed PLN 150,000
  • the maximum loan term is 120 months (10 years)
  • APY is 12.60% and the variable interest rate is from 9%
  • acceptance of many different sources of income

Applying for a payday consolidation loan is very simple at We choose whether to do so by calling the indicated phone number or by filling out the contact form provided on the bank’s website. The application procedure is also available in the Berger Bank electronic application. After talking with a credit counselor, all you need to do is visit the nearest bank branch in order to sign a loan agreement.