This is what you have to do with your money if you want to be happy

We live in an extremely consumerist society in which spending money and buying things on a daily basis is perceived as normal, to the point that savers are associated with stingy people. Consumption and saving are two economic activities that have to go hand in hand: we must consume rationally and save a part of our income every month .

Today at Vivus we are going to give you some tips so that you spend money on things that are really worthwhile and that will give you a boost of self-esteem. And no, we’re not going to ask you to buy the latest smartphone or television with the best resolution in the market.

This is what you have to do with your money if you want to be happy

  1. Buy time.

One of the best uses you can give your money is to buy time. Life is very stressful and work, home Image result for spend money happilyand, in general, the rhythm of the West, leaves us little free time to enjoy. If we spend money on those tasks, we are buying time.

For example, we buy time to buy online instead of going to the mall, when ordering food at home, when hiring someone to clean the house or buying a car to get to work before knowing that it is a disastrous investment.

  1. Buy experiences

It is better to buy experiences than things. The pleasure of buying something material lasts a short time. When we get used to having it, we stop valuing it. For example, think about the mobile that you carry right now in your pocket. Does it still make you as happy today as the first week you bought it?

When buying experiences, the opposite happens: as time passes, we value them more. Good experiences, like a memorable vacation, are never forgotten. They are always in our memories, we share them with friends, we revive them with photos.

  1. Spend the money with your loved ones.

There are numerous studies that indicate that people are happier when we spend money with our loved ones, such as our partner or our children. By buying something we can share with the people around us, happiness is greater. Does not it make you happier to give your child a gift than to give it to yourself?

  1. Turn your purchases into something exceptional.

Image result for spend money happilyThink of a food that you love. If you ate it two or three times a week, it would lose its charm, would not it? It is the fact that you eat only on certain special occasions what makes the values ​​so much.

With purchases, exactly the same happens. Therefore, they must be something special and not habitual. We should not go to the mall every week to buy something because we will become irrational consumers. Our advice is to save that money and just spend it on things you really need.

  1. Finish your debts.

Debts make us unhappy and make us live with stress and fear. The mortgage is the most worrying debt of all, followed by personal consumer loans, like the one most people use to buy a car. What would happen to them if we lost the job?

As much as possible we should allocate a part of our money to end the debts we have. We can do it progressively, for example, using the snowball method, which we already talked about on another occasion. When we finish with the debts we will feel free and we will be much happier.

  1. Make a donation

You can not imagine the enormous impact on the happiness of the people who make a donation. It is not that you give half of your wealth, but that you offer the world what you can afford.

There is a belief that what you give to the universe, the universe ends up giving it back. Our advice is to be generous and invest in who may need your help. Believe us, it is something you will never regret.